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As a Binghamton Attorney  I provide comprehensive legal services for all Family Court matters.   I can represent you on any issue pertaining to Child Support.   I have over 25 years experience in Family Court.

If you live in Binghamton, New York and the surrounding areas of Endicott,  Johnson City,  Vestal and Owego,  including  Broome,  Tioga,  Chenango,  Chemung,  Cortland and Delaware Counties,  I will represent you in Court on all legal matters involving Child Support, including:

  • Obtaining Child Support

  • Modifying an existing Support Order

  • Violations of a Support Order

  • Paternity

  • I will negotiate on your behalf  any issues pertaining to Support.   I will also prepare all necessary Petitions to obtain an original Order of Support,  a Modification of an existing order,   a Violation of an Order of Support,  or a Paternity Petition.   I will complete the petitions,  submit them to the Family Court and represent you in Court.   My office provides a full range of litigation services.

    Family Court follows the New York State Support Guidelines.  I will explain these guidelines to you and perform the necessary calculations so you will better understand the process.   I will explain the details of your legal matter and answer all of your questions.

    Modification of Support

    If there is already an order for support issued from a Family Court,  you may wish to modify the Order for various reasons.   Perhaps you or the other spouse have had a change in income or the needs of the children have increased.   You may have lost your job or are suddenly burdened with extraordinary medical bills.   There are several reasons you may need to modify an Order of Support.   I will explain to you the reasons the Family Court will accept a modification request,  draft a petition for you and litigate the petition in Court if necessary.

    Violation of an Order of Support

    If you have stopped receiving court ordered support,  or are not receiving the proper amount of support,  you may file a Violation of Support in the Family Court.   After hearing the facts of the case,  the Judge will decide if the party alleged to have violated the order of support did so  “willfully”  or  “non-willfully”.   If the Judge finds a “willful” violation,  the aggrieved party may receive an award for attorney fees.

    If you are seeking a modification of support or are the party who has been charged with a violation,  my office can provide you with representation.   A violation of a support order can be a very serious matter and can result in a jail sentence.   It is important you receive experienced legal representation.


    This office can help you to establish paternity of your child.   In order to either file for custody or visitation of a child,  or to receive child support for a child born out of wedlock,  you must first establish paternity of the child in Family Court.

    As a local,  Binghamton Attorney with over 25 years experience in Family Law and Divorce Law,  I bring a level of experience that will give you confidence that you are receiving competent and aggressive representation.

    For more information on this subject,  review my article on   Child Support

    Case Evaluation

    Experienced Binghamton Attorney

    Whatever your Family Court issue,  this office can provide you with experienced,  professional,  and compassionate legal representation.

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