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A well drafted custody agreement should provide stability for the children and flexibility for the parents. While the parents may want to spend as much time with the children as possible, or even equally share time with the children, the need for children to be stable should be of paramount concern.

In all visitation or custodial schedules, flexibility is a key ingredient. During the year “special events” will occur for both parents that they wish to attend with the children. Parents must agree that it will be allowable for the children to attend a “special event” regardless of the regularly scheduled visitation.

Your children will now be sharing two different households with two distinct parenting styles and household rules. It is ideal if the parents maintain, as much as possible, similar rules for the children.

In reality though, there will be glaring differences between the two households. This will take a considerable adjustment on the part of the children. Your children’s adjustment will be helped by both time, and by the attitudes and behavior of both parents.

Whatever your circumstances, if the children are your primary concern than it is possible to work out an amicable relationship with the other parent. Always keep in mind your children’s best interests. Be flexible and considerate of each other. Communicate concerning the children. Take time to be prepared for the weeks schedule and develop a routine for yourselves and you children.

It is always the responsibility of both parents to help develop a meaningful, loving and healthy relationship between each parent and the children. Your children will benefit immensely when both parents maintain a working relationship for the benefit of the children.

Written by Becky Caruso, Esq.

Binghamton Custody Lawyer

I offer Mediation Services for parents who desire to develop and arrive at a satisfactory parenting agreement.

Becky Caruso is a Binghamton Family Lawyer practicing in Binghamton, New York and the surrounding areas of Endicott, Johnson City, Vestal and Owego, including Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung, Cortland and Delaware Counties with over 25 years experience in the General Practice of Law including  Divorce, Mutual Consent-Uncontested Divorce, Custody, and Child Support

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Becky Caruso has been a Binghamton Custody Lawyer for over 25 years.

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