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Binghamton Divorce Lawyer
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Divorce or Separation Agreement

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Divorce or Separation Agreements my be prepared for a Flat Rate Fee.

A Divorce or Separation Agreement may be used if you and your spouse wish to separate and desire to have all issues of custody,  child support,  property division,  spousal support,  pensions and debts placed into an Agreement.

Some couples prefer to live separate and apart for a while before deciding whether to divorce and need to clarify certain issues that need to be considered during a time of separation.  For example,  child custody and support,  a marital home or other assets,  debt or issues concerning the support of one of the spouses.

Other times a couple desires to divorce and have all,  or some of the above issues that need to be decided upon and placed in a formal agreement.  It is preferable for the couple to come to an agreement either between each other or through their lawyers,  before the filing of a divorce.  Otherwise, these issues will be litigated in Court and decided upon by a Judge.

A Divorce or Separation Agreement will address marital issues and legally bind the parties to this contract.

An example of some issues that can be specified in a Divorce or Separation Agreement are:

1.  Custody of the minor children and visitation rights.

2.  Child Support including medical insurance coverage for the minor children

3.  Spousal Support including medical insurance coverage for the spouse.

4.  Disposition of the marital residence.

5.  Division of marital assets including: property,  automobiles,  household furnishings,  and monetary assets.

6.  Pension or retirement rights

It is advisable to discuss between yourselves all of the issues that need to be addressed and try to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.  I can prepare an agreement that is valid under the New York State Matrimonial Rules and acceptable by the Courts.  If you and your spouse both agree upon all of the issues,  I can prepare an Agreement for a Flat Rate Fee.

If you cannot agree upon the terms of an Agreement,  I can assist and advise you concerning all of the important issues that should be contained in a Divorce or Separation Agreement.  I will also negotiate the terms of any agreement on your behalf to reach an agreement that reflects your desires and best interest.  Once the issues have been resolved,  I will draft an Agreement that complies with the rules of New York.  Negotiated agreements are charged at an hourly rate.

If you already have a written agreement and wish to proceed with a divorce,  I will must first review the agreement to ensure it complies with all of the New York Matrimonial Rules.

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Once your divorce is finalized, I can also help you with post-divorce matters which are so important to your financial security;  Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and a new Will.

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