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Becky Caruso is an experienced Binghamton Family Lawyer providing representation in Binghamton, New York and the surrounding the cities of Endicott,  Johnson City,  Vestal, Owego,  including  Broome,  Tioga,  Chenango,  Chemung,  Cortland and Delaware Counties.

Child Support

Children are entitled to receive financial support from their parents.   All parents, whether divorced,  never married,  or parents whose children have been placed in Foster Care are liable to pay support for their children.

The Federal Government requires each state to establish  “child support guidelines.”    By doing so,  the federal government has maintained a goal of increasing the consistency and predictability of child support awards and also insuring that the amount of support paid is adequate.   Both the states and the federal government believe that in establishing  “child support guidelines”,  the level of compliance in paying support will increase because the amounts awarded will be much more fair to the parent paying the support.

While the guidelines vary from state to state,  they are all generally based on the parents' incomes,  expenses and the needs of the children.   Often,  the guidelines calculate the child support amount as a percentage of the paying parent's income.   The percentage increases with the number of children being supported.   In some instances,  the amount can deviate from the guidelines if there are very good reasons for the deviation.

While each state may calculate the amount of support to be paid,  when determining the amount of support to be paid,  a state should take into consideration:

* The present and future needs of the child

* A parent's other dependents

* The ability of the other non-custodial parent to pay

Written by Becky Caruso, Esq.

Whatever your Family Court issue,  this office can provide you with experienced,  professional,  and compassionate legal representation.

I will negotiate on your behalf any issues pertaining to Support.   I will also prepare all necessary Petitions to obtain an original Order of Support,  a Modification of an existing order,  a Violation of an Order of Support,  or a Paternity Petition.   I will complete the petitions,  submit them to the Family Court and represent you in Court.   My office provides a full range of litigation services.

Family Court follows the New York State Support Guidelines.   So you can better understand the process,  I will explain these guidelines to you and perform the necessary calculations. I will explain the details of your legal matter and thoroughly answer your questions.

Your Case Will Be Handled With Skill,  Attention And Compassion

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Becky Caruso, Esq. is a Binghamton Family Lawyer with over 25 years experience.

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