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A Binghamton Lawyer serving Binghamton, New York and the surrounding cities of Endicott, Johnson City, Vestal, and Owego, including Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung, Cortland and Delaware Counties

I provide a full range of services for out of court negotiations and in court assistance. I can negotiate and prepare written agreements or draft court petitions and represent you in Family Court.

My office can represent you on any issues pertaining to Child Custody and Visitation. I have extensive experience in Family Court having primarily focused my practice on Family and Matrimonial Law for over 20 years. I will assist you in:

  • Obtaining an Order of Custody

  • Obtaining an Order for Visitation

  • Obtain an Order for Relocation

  • Modifying an existing order

  • Modifying an existing Visitation Order

  • Violation of a Custody Order

  • Violation of a Visitation Order

  • Orders To Show Cause

  • Grandparent Custody and Visitation

  • Third Party Custody (anyone other than the parents of the child)

  • Neglect Proceedings

  • Order of Protection for Domestic Violence Victims

  • I will negotiate on your behalf any issues pertaining to Custody and Visitation. I will also draft all necessary Petitions for an original order of Custody or Visitation, a Modification of an existing order, a Violation of an Order, an Order To Show Cause (to be used in cases of emergency), and Orders of Protection. I provide a full range of litigation services and will represent you in Court.

    As a Binghamton Lawyer with over 20 years experience in Family Law, I understand that having Family Court issues can be very difficult for the individuals experiencing the situation. You may never have been to an attorney before or been inside of courtroom. You will receive experienced and professional service that can help to lesson the stress of family problems. I will work closely with you to structure an outcome that serves your best interest.

    "Becky Caruso helped me to comprehend the court system. I have never had to appear in court for anything before and was very nervous due to my lack of understanding. She has taken the time to listen to my position and follow up with me before and after appearances. Becky Caruso has relieved me of a very stressful situation by taking me in as a client. I have not felt judged, but supported by her professionalism and understanding." ECS


    It is sometimes necessary for grandparents to file a petition in Court to request custody of, or visitation rights with, their grandchildren.

    When parents dissolve their union, the grandparents, in addition to the children, can also be affected. When grandparents have enjoyed a close relationship with their grandchildren, it can be very difficult for the children if one or both of the parents prevent contact between the grandparents and the children.

    My, office can help you negotiate a visitation plan with parents or, help you seek the assistance of the Family Court in obtaining custody or visitation rights for you with your grandchildren.


    An Order To Show Cause is filed when there exists an immediate need for custody, visitation, order of protection, or to modify an existing order. An Order to Show Cause is a petition requesting immediate relief from the Court.


    If you are a victim of domestic violence, an Order of Protection is a necessary step to ensure your safety. When you apply to the Court for an Order of Protection, the can issue an order requiring the abusive party to stay away from you and/or your children, your home, place of employment and the children’s school. The Court may even order the abusive party to be removed from the home.

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