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This is my most comprehensive service. A Property and Separation Agreement is necessary if there are minor children, custody issues, support issues, property division, marital assets or debts to be divided, and pension or retirement rights.

Such an Agreement specifically addresses any of the above issues or other terms the parties decide, and becomes the basis for the Judgement of Divorce. I submit the Agreement along with the divorce papers when I obtain your divorce.


If you and your spouse wish to divorce and you do not have a Property Agreement, I can process a divorce for you without said agreement provided:

Both parties simply want a divorce and there are no minor children of the marriage, no division of real property, no division of marital assets, no spousal support, and no pension or retirement rights to be decided.

If you have any of the above issues, you will need to have a Property and Separation Agreement.


If you and your spouse have had a signed formal Separation and Property Agreement that has been in effect for one year, you may use this Agreement to obtain a Conversion Divorce.

A Conversion Divorce allows you to obtain a divorce without specifying the grounds for the divorce.

Although, in New York you no longer need to specify grounds but may terminate a marriage based upon a No Fault Divorce. A No Fault Divorce states that the marriage has irretrievably broken down for at least six months.

As a local Binghamton Lawyer, I can draft such an Agreement for you. Once both you and your spouse have signed the Agreement, you must live apart for one year and be in compliance with the terms of the Agreement.


My Office provides comprehensive legal services for negotiated Property and Separation Agreements. This service is useful in the following situations:

  • You and your spouse wish to separate and you would like to have all the terms of the separation clarified, in writing.

  • You are uncertain as to your rights in a separation arrangement.

  • You are uncertain as to the issues that need to be addressed in an Agreement.

  • You and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of the Agreement such as; custody of the minor children, support of the children or a spouse, division of marital debts, or even who will live in the marital residence.

  • I will negotiate the terms of the Agreement on your behalf. Once I have reached an acceptance of the terms, I will prepare a Property and Separation Agreement that complies with the New York State Laws.

    Binghamton Lawyer

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    Once your divorce is finalized, I can also help you with post-divorce matters which are so important to your financial security; Property Transfers, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and New Wills.

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