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My office now offers mediation for Custody Agreements and Separation or Divorce Agreements. 

Mediation is also known as alternate dispute resolution.   Mediation is a method that allows parties to settle their disputes without having to go to Court.   Both parties use mediation to reach an agreement.

I will act as the mediator to discuss the issues with both parties and to help you to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.   As a mediator,  I will be a neutral,  third party.   My goal as a mediator is help you identify the issues,  keep the discussion moving in a positive direction,  make suggestions,  keep the parties focused on the important issues,  keep the parties away from destructive forms of communicating,  and help you arrive at an agreement.

Binghamton Lawyer

Becky Caruso, Esq.


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Many parties find mediation a preferable solution than bringing the matter to court.   A court is a public forum while mediation is confidential.   It is usually better for the parties to make the decisions that will affect their family and themselves rather than having a judge make those decisions.   You know more about your situation than judge could know.   Mediation is especially helpful in custody disputes.   The parents know their children and their particular needs better than a judge.    In mediation,  the parties have control rather than a judge.

Through mediation,  the parties can learn more effective communication skills.   The ability to communicate effectively,  is important when your dispute involves children.  You will be parents making decisions for your children’s best interests for many years.   Effective communication skills will be used throughout your parenting years.  

It is important to remember that in order for mediation to be successful,  both parties must be willing to fairly negotiate an agreement that is mutually satisfactory and meets both of your needs.  If the mediation involves children,  the focus should be on the best interests of the children.   Both parties should be willing to understand the other person’s position.  You may not agree with the other person’s position but an understanding of their concerns helps facilitate a resolution.

Once the parties have reached an agreement,  because I am a local,  Binghamton lawyer,  I can draft an Agreement that will meet all legal requirements and advise both parties of possible outcomes should either or both of you choose to take your matter to court.  

Once both parties have signed the Agreement,  it is enforceable.   However,  the parties can also submit the Agreement to court and have it placed into a court order.

For twenty years I served as a Law Guardian (or Attorney for the Children).   During that time I helped many families reach agreements.   No one family is the same as any other family.  Your family has needs that are unique to the individuals that comprise your family.   There are many creative ways to construct an agreement that will help you both as parents to meet the needs of your children and yourselves.  

Mediation is also used if the parties are separating or divorcing.  I will help you identify the issues that may need to be resolved in an agreement.  This can also include custody and support matters.   Once the parties have come to an agreement on the issues,  I can draft a comprehensive Property and Separation Agreement.  Once both parties have signed the Agreement,  it is enforceable.  Additionally,  if either party seeks to divorce in the future,  the terms of the Agreement will become part of the divorce.  

* Mediation is voluntary

* The parties will decide the scope of the mediation and the mediator will offer suggestions or information if requested.

* Mediation is absolutely confidential.

* Both parties will give full and honest disclosure of all relevant information.

Call the office at:  607.722.8272  to discuss the cost of mediation.

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For more information:  New York State Council on Divorce Mediation

                                                   Divorce Mediation and How it Works

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