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Binghamton Lawyer,  Becky Caruso, Esq.  serving  Broome,  Tioga,  Chenango, and Chenango Counties.   Over 25 years experience in Divorce & Family Law.

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A New York Will drafted by an experienced lawyer can ensure your desires are carried out in the event of death.   A Will provides for the disbursement of your monetary and real property assets.   If you have minor children, you can name a guardian for your children in your Will and make the necessary financial provisions to ensure their well being.

If you do not have children or a spouse as beneficiaries of your estate,  you may wish to name other family members or friends as beneficiaries.   You can even leave bequests to charities of your choice.

The loss of a loved one causes extreme grief for the family members.   Having a Will in place will help the family to carry out the necessary functions immediately following a death.   It is very difficult for the loved ones to make decisions and close out an estate without a Will.

Should you die without a Will,  the laws of New York will dictate how your estate is distributed.   Your estate will probably not be distributed in the manner which you would have desired. The best way to protect your loved ones and your intentions is to have a Will.

It is important to prepare a list of documents that your family or friends will need to help them settle your estate at the time of your death.   This list should include your will,  a list of your bank accounts,  retirement accounts,  titles to your assets,  insurance policies,  and the deed and mortgage to your home or other property.   Place these documents in a small fire proof box and tell family or friends where the box is located.

Included with a Last Will and Testament, I provide a Living Will and a Health Care Proxy.   A Health Care Proxy allows you to name an individual,  or several individuals who will make your health care decisions in the event you are unable to make such decisions.

A Living Will allows you to control the kind of medical care you receive in the event that you are unable to communicate your desires.   A Living Will may also include organ donations.

Lastly,  I provide a set of instructions on how to prepare a list of documents that your family or friends will need to help them settle your estate at the time of your death.

I do not provide services for Estate Planning and I do not prepare Wills that include complicated trusts or extensive property bequests.

Becky Caruso, Esq.   A Binghamton Lawyer with over 25 years experience service and understanding the legal needs of the people of our community.

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