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My Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the areas of Divorce, Family Law and Criminal Law. For over 20 years I have provided competent and professional representation to my clients.


"Becky Caruso has been very dependable and is always timely. Mrs. Caruso keeps me up to date with my current case by contacting me via telephone and e-mail. She has been very sensative with my current situation and has guided me well with profound professionalism." SC

Contested - A Contested Divorce means that you and your spouse cannot agree to the terms of your divorce and you need an attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

Uncontested Divorces - An Uncontested Divorce means you and your spouse are in agreement on all the specific issues and you simply wish to dissolve your marriage.

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Conversion Divorce - If you already have a signed Separation or Property Agreement and you and your spouse have lived apart under this agreement for at least one year, you may file for a Conversion Divorce which converts the agreement into a divorce without alleging any “grounds".

No Fault Divorce - In New York State you no longer need to state a particular “ground” for a divorce. You can obtain a No Fault Divorce based on an irretrevalbe breakdown of the marriage.

Legal Separations - You and your spouse wish to separate and you would like to have all the terms of the separation clarified, in writing.

Equitable Distribution of Marital Property - Division of marital assets and debts: For example - real property, bank accounts, household furnishings, stocks, bonds, IRA’s and other retirement accounts, pensions, spousal support.

Prenuptial Agreements - Allows you to decide for yourselves how your property should be handled before you marry.

Pensions, Retirement Orders - A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a document, signed by a Judge, which allows a pension company to give a spouse a portion of the other spouses pension benefits following a divorce.

Deed Transfers - A Deed Transfer occurs when one party wishes to transfer property to another party without an actual sale of the property.

Wills - A New York Will can ensure your desires are carried out in the event of death. A Will provides for the disbursement of your monetary and real property assets.


Child Custody and Visitation - Out of court negotiations and in court assistance. I can negotiate and prepare written agreements, draft court petitions or help you seek the assistance of the Family Court.

Child Support - Obtaining a inital order of Child Support or modifying an existing order of support.

Violations of a Support Order - If you have stopped receiving court ordered support, or are not receiving the proper amount of support, you may file a Violation of Support in the Family Court.

Paternity - Establishing the parentage of a child.

Modifications - Modify an existing Support Order

Relocation - A custodial parent desires to move to a different area with the children.

Orders to Show Cause - A petition to the Court requesting emergency relief.

Neglect Proceedings - you have been named as a respondent or interested party by the Department of Social Services alleging neglect or abuse of the children.

Grandparent Visitation and Custody - My office can help you negotiate a visitation plan with parents or, help you seek the assistance of the Family Court in obtaining custody or visitation rights for you with your grandchildren.

Third Party Custody - Any adult who is not the natural parent of the child.

Orders Of Protection for Domestic Violence Victims - If you are the victim of Domestic Abuse, I will assist you in obtaining an Order Of Protection on behalf of yourself and/or your children.




Traffic Violations

City, Village and Town Courts


Landlord/Tenant Lease - A Landlord who is renting non-commercial property should be protected with a Lease Agreement. A Lease Agreement can range in duration; week-to-week, month-to-month, yearly, or for several years.


Real Estate Closings - Residental

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As a Binghamton Lawyer and life long resident of this area, I bring to my practice an understanding of the people I represent. You will receive the caring, compassionate, attention, dedication and respect you deserve.


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